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Vegan Protein Hot Chocolate

On these cold winter nights, I've been craving a sweet treat before bed. Now, since doing my Shred 10 challenge with JuicePlus+ earlier this month, my sweet tooth cravings have declined tremendously. This is great news, but every now and then, the chocolate monster comes to visit my apatite. Last night, he came in the form of liquid chocolate (wow, I mean really, what sounds better than liquid chocolate- i'll wait)

Okay so since its unanimous that chocolate in its liquid state is a gift from God, then the only logical next step to take it further into the realm of deliciousness.. is to heat it up.

Hot. Chocolate. Baby.

Before you get all "oh Im good, I buy my hot chocolate prepackaged from some Swiss Miss lady", hear me out on the vegan part and the protein part of this delish & cozy treat. I promise you'll love it. (Well I honestly cant promise that, but I love it so that's really all that matters).

First things first, the milk! Big decision here folks, this could make or break your cocoa. I used oat milk because that's what was available to me here in this small Serbian city where most people don't even know what vegans are (we're aliens duh).

But I think soy or cashew milk would work really well too as those froth up nice and creamy once blended (compared to a rice or almond milk). The agave gives it a sweetness without spiking your blood sugars. The coconut oil (although I try not to regularly cook with much of any oils) adds a nice fatty indulgence that contributes to the frothiness once blended. For the cinnamon, well.. I put cinnamon on pretty much everything I eat, so that's my argument for that haha. (But real talk- cinnamon is know to lower blood sugar levels). Raw cacao compared to a baking chocolate or cocoa powder is exactly was it says- "raw"- nothing added, nothing processed, keeping all its nourishing natural minerals like potassium and magnesium. And Im not obsessed with protein, but sometimes it adds an extra oomph to a desert.

So, without further adieu, stop what you're doing (but keep reading this), go into your kitchen, AND MAKE THIS ISH!! & genuinely tell me what you think.




Vegan Protein Hot Chocolate

1 cup oat milk

2 Tbsp raw cacao powder

2 tsp protein powder of choice (I used french vanilla Complete by JuicePlus+)

1 tsp agave

1 tsp coconut oil

dash of cinnamon

* Combine all ingredients, heat on low for a minute or so, just to warm it up (do not boil)

* Transfer to blender and pulse a few times

* Pour into mug

* Enjoy


P.S. If you followed the Shred 10 link to the video and liked what you saw or even have questions, reach out to me and I will help get you started on an awesome journey to wellness.

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